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★ cute date ideas ★


- stargazing; sitting on a hill or roof looking at the stars. a blanket might be nice depending on how soft the grass is

- picnic; probably at a park. make food you know your babe likes

- observatories; looking at stars and constellations, go to one of the little shows. point out ones you know!!

- aquariums; looking at the pretty fish!! maybe get them a little goldfish or stuffed goldfish if you know they’d kill it

- museums; like art museums or science museums. nerd

- going on a walk/run/bike (make sure to bring music); unless you’re a lazy piece of shit, then just stay home

- napping together; which is what you do if you didn’t do the one above

- rollerblading/ice skating; depending on the weather. if they fall help them up, buy them nachos, request a cute song

- lasertag, destroy them bitches

- playground; swinging, seesawing, playing hot lava monster

- seeing a movie; maybe godzilla or some romantic movie idk

- go to a garden!! botanical ones are cool!! if they have a gift shop buy them a cute lil plant necklace

- take them shopping if you have money and they like getting stuff for free

- go flower picking; make them a flower crown and make a bouquet if you want to be a smooth motherfucker

- traditional dinner date; idk this sounds boring but whatever man it’s ur life

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